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Sarah Saccomanno

Discovering the needs of people through human-centred design methodologies

experience design

Telling your brand's story with compelling, accessible visual solutions for interfaces and graphic components

visual design

Using a data-centric mindset to tailor strategic solutions and optimize results

research and insights

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empowering people to experience the world in new ways, on and beyond the screen


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"Design is my ikigai, and my way to leave the world a better place than I found it. There are bright spots hidden in every shadow, and rich insights in data that can help us innovate with purpose. My goal is to dive head first into ambiguity, and empower the people and organizations around me to push for greater."

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Aarya N.

"Sarah brings in an incredible energy to the table. She’s an incredible designer with skills on different levels; from platform specific discussions to long term strategic planning on the future and scalability of a product. She is fully aware of the market needs and is an amazing professional who delivers on promises."

Dan K.

"Sarah tackles her work methodically, always having the customer and business in mind. Her understanding of product design practices, mobile platforms and the industry she’s in made her a triple threat to any project we worked on together. I’ve seen her work end-to-end from ideation to user testing to visual designs on multiple projects, deliver features with business benefits of $10m+ and give pitch perfect presentations at the VP level."

Jessica S.

"Sarah is an exceptionally talented designer who brings passion and dedication to producing high-quality work within an agile environment. While there were a lot of moving pieces happening, Sarah has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth process with minimal friction, being very adaptable throughout!"

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