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I'll probably be the shortest person in the room, but I'm never short on passion.

My name is Sarah. I'm a life-long creative with a strong desire for learning and growth. I'm a curious creative thinker, a problem solver and a solution creator.

My purpose is to create impactful change and value through design.

About Sarah

Create beautiful tools that make people's lives better

Create systems that positively impact our environment

Design products and experiences that bring joy and value

Express technical solutions with accuracy

Discover every day problems and create solutions

Goals as a Designer

Allow me to introduce myself 

Kind words


Sarah did a phenomenal job with my new clinic's website and branding.

Now my patients have a reliable place to go online where they can find all the information they need.

Pamela C.

Sarah is highly motivated, with acute attention to detail surrounding every aspect of her work. Sarah is timely and professional with her deliverables and is excited to take on difficult design challenges.

Sarah E.

Sarah receives feedback in a positive and mature manner that proves her desire to grow as a designer. This also makes her a joy to work with. She shows creative hunger, & direction as a designer

Kristopher O.

Research & Empathy

Understanding the people I'm designing for is essential. Using research tools and data to move past my own assumptions allows me to uncover the story I am here to tell, and maximize results.

Human Centered Design

Understanding people and applying design theory allows me to properly interpret the way we perceive everything around us. This knowledge is the foundation of all my designs and processes.

Service Design & Accessibility

Design is more than just the product itself. Using Service Design methodologies allows me to see the experience beyond the product to fine tune how people use things in the real world.

Writing & Communication

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but good copy is essential to creating a well rounded design. I believe communication skills are essential throughout the entire design process from ideation to final release.

Usability Testing

This is the most rewarding part of the process which is filled with connections and feedback. I wholeheartedly believe in the human-centred approach and gathering real time feedback from the people I design for. 

UI & Interaction Design 

Designing a timelessly appealing exterior adds an additional level of joy. I'm passionate about aesthetically presenting structures in a way that enhances the interactive experience.

Workflow & Strategies

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