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Portfolio Samples

I'm here to bring value to organizations, products and people. Here are some people that I've already helped to execute their vision and tell their story.

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SOLEiL SunSafety Companion (Product Design, UI, UX)

A multi-platform digital solution using AR technology in SmartGlasses and a smartphone companion app to implement a lifestyle solution for sun safety.

Bolton Medical Practice (Branding, Graphic Design, UI, UX, Web Design)

Helping a local medical practice redesign their online experience to provide better care for their patients.

Toronto Eaton Centre  (Graphic Design, UI, UX)

A concept for a large digital touchscreen directory that provides better directions, accessibility opportunities and information to mall patrons.

GardenGuru (Interaction Design, UI, UX)

An interactive gardening experience using prototyped AR components, as well as motion design and micro-interactions to create a lively, pleasurable experience.

NOAH Solutions (Graphic Design, UI, UX)

Assisting a pragmatic environmentalist company to create an intuitive mobile interface for their delivery drivers.

AstraZeneca Pilot Project (Service Design, Graphic Design, UX)

Designing the framework to distribute the first COVID-19 vaccines to my community in a dignified, efficient manner that puts the patient first.

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